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Table 2 Capacity Building GHF Fellowships with IAVI

From: Strengthening capacity for AIDS vaccine research: analysis of the Pfizer Global Health Fellows Program and the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

Fellows Country Year Position Job responsibilities
Fellow 1 South Africa 2005 Clinical Research Site Manager Setting up study operations manual (SOM) and conducting center initiation activities and training for a 5-center Phase II trial in 3 countries
Fellow 2 Kenya 2005 Clinical Research Trainer Setting up clinical research centers, conducting training on Good Clinical Practices (GCP)
Fellow 3 South Africa 2006 Sr. Clinical Research Associate Developed SOMs and modules for GCP training, prepared centers for monitoring visits and audit
Fellow 4 Uganda 2006 Clinical Project Manager Conducted monitoring, initiation of centers, and training of study personnel. Worked in Uganda and Zambia.
Fellow 5 Kenya 2007 Clinical Program Manager Helped in center initiation activities including writing standard operating procedures, quality management plans, and preparing centers for inspection. Created training plans and trained investigators and trial participants
Fellow 6 Uganda 2008 Clinical Trial Site Monitor Conducted GCP training, Clinical Research Associate (CRA) training. Developed monitoring tools and conducted monitoring visits with CRAs. Provided feedback and mentoring.
Fellow 7 Kenya 2009 Clinical Project Manager Conducted GCP training, created monitoring tools
Fellow 8 South Africa 2009 Data Manager Conducted a data management assessment, including documentation of current processes for lab sample movement, and other data flows. Made recommendations to IAVI board.