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Table 3 Scale Alpha’s, item means and factor loadings statistics for independent variables general and specific trust

From: Acceptance of selective contracting: the role of trust in the health insurer

Construct Itema, b Cronbach’s alpha Mean Factor loadings
General trust scale You think the people at your health insurance company are completely honest. 0.86 4.87 0.56 -
  Your health insurer cares more about saving money than about getting you the treatment you need.   4.00 0.41 -
  As far as you know, the people at your health insurance company are very good at what they do.   4.86 0.51 -
  If someone at your health insurance company made a serious mistake, you think they would try to hide it.   4.14 0.53 -
  You feel like you have to double check everything your health insurer does.   4.55 0.61 -
  You worry that private information your health insurer has about you could be used against you.   4.93 0.66 -
  You worry there are a lot of loopholes in what your health insurer covers that you do not know about.   4.42 0.65 -
  You believe your health insurer will pay for everything it is supposed to, even really expensive treatments.   4.54 0.29 -
  If you got really sick, you are afraid your health insurer might try to stop covering you altogether.   5.29 0.59 -
  If you have a question, you think your health insurer will give a straight answer.   5.24 0.61 -
  All in all, you have complete trust in your health insurance company.   4.97 0.64 -
Specific trust in purchasing strategy I trust my health insurer to choose the best care providers. 0.89 4.61 - 0.81
I trust my health insurer not to compromise on quality in order to keep the price down.   4.78 - 0.82
  I trust my health insurer to choose the best care for me at the best price.   4.77 - 0.82
  1. aNegatively formulated items are reversed.
  2. bItems were measured using a seven point Likert-type scale ranging from completely disagree (1) to completely agree (7).