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Table 5 Quotes from ‘open minded’ verbatim comments

From: Survey of patients' view on functional split of consultant psychiatrists

‘It doesn’t matter who the consultant psychiatrist is as along as the standard of care does not diminish’
‘If I was mentally ill again, I would hope to be treated and cured as quickly as possible and I would not mind who treated me’
‘I don’t think it matters because the doctor at the time would still be reviewing my records and contact with other doctors, mental health nurses and Community Psychiatric Nurses’
‘In the United States, I was given a different consultant for inpatient care; this adversely affected the continuity of my medication/treatment due to different opinions. Medication was started inpatient and immediately stopped by my own consultant who understood my needs in more detail. I think if a different consultant is responsible only for inpatient care, it is important that they work in collaboration with the community consultant’