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Table 3 Examples of patient’s comments in preference of the traditional model

From: Survey of patients' view on functional split of consultant psychiatrists

‘I would prefer to see the same consultant in hospital, as I trust her already and would find it hard to build the same level of trust with someone else’
‘Continuity of care- New consultant may not read all information or interpret it differently’
‘A relationship of trust with your own consultant takes time to build and could never be done with a stranger that you meet now and again’
‘I’d prefer the above mainly for comfort and familiarity. I’ve shared my condition and stories enough times; having to repeat everything is pointless and counterproductive. It feels like an exercise in futility’
‘Continuity of care. I feel it would be best for me to have my care managed by someone who is familiar with me and can compare my symptoms with when I am well’
‘Over the past 5 years, I have had annual review as an outpatient and have seen a few different psychiatrists each time. I would prefer to be seen by one psychiatrist and also if admitted to hospital to see the same one’
‘Seeing the same doctor means you do not have to repeat your illness every time as this can be upsetting’
‘On one hand having the same consultant might give a sense of security. On the other hand, a different consultant having slightly different experiences, may also be a good thing-My personal view is that I would rather choose to have the same consultant’