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Table 6 Items with need for adjustments

From: Assessing the safety attitudes questionnaire (SAQ), German language version in Swiss university hospitals - a validation study

Item Item statement Reason for adjustment Recommended improvements
15 Working in this hospital is like being part of a large family. Low CVI Translational adaptations needed because of cultural distinctions
17 I am proud to work at this hospital Low CVI
22 Fatigue impairs my performance during emergency situations (e.g., emergency resuscitation, seizure). Low CVI, high percentage of MV
24a&b Management does not knowingly compromise the safety of patients. Hospital and unit level Low CVI, high percentage of MV, bimodal distribution Translational adaptation needed because of problems in comprehensibility and clearness.
23b Management supports my daily efforts. Hospital level only high percentage of MV Specification of the term “hospital level” needed
25b Problem personnel are dealt constructively in hospital. Hospital level only high percentage of MV
26b I am provided with adequate, timely information about events in the hospital that might affect my work. Hospital level only high percentage of MV
27, 28 27: The levels of staffing in this clinical area are sufficient to handle the number of patients Cross loadings and high modification index in CFA Problem known from other studies. Allocation to other factors is possible.
  28: This hospital does a good job of training new personnel   
  1. CVI Content validity Index, MV Missing Values, CFA Confirmatory factor analysis.