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Table 1 Studies excluded at the full article review stage a

From: A systematic review of evidence on the association between hospitalisation for chronic disease related ambulatory care sensitive conditions and primary health care resourcing

Exclusion criteria at article review Reference(notes for references)
Not a diabetes-related hospitalisation or a type 2 diabetes cohort [2329]
Did not measure a primary health care resource input [3033](31b)
Did not adjust for patient level health risk of hospitalisation or social and economic factors that influence hospitalisation [3438](34c)
Not a peer reviewed journal article [39]
Analysis combining hospital outcomes and primary care inputs into a regional efficiency measure [29]
Total articles excluded on full article review 18
  1. Notes:
  2. a Some articles can be allocated against more than one exclusion criteria.
  3. b Identify number of GP visits per individual in describing the study population but do not include in multivariate analyses.
  4. c Adjusted for patient level health risks using all ACSC as the dependent variable.