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Table 1 Nominated areas for practice improvement based on national stroke guideline recommendations

From: Barriers and enablers to implementing multiple stroke guideline recommendations: a qualitative study

Discipline Nominated area
Physiotherapy Improve the routine delivery and documentation of:
    • Sitting balance training to eligible patients
    • Treadmill training with harness support to eligible patients
Occupational therapy Improve screening, assessment and intervention of/for:
    • Upper limb sensory deficits to eligible patients
  • Neglect to eligible patients
Speech pathology Improve documentation of assessment, and intervention provided to eligible patients with:
    • Communication disorders including aphasia
  • Swallowing impairments
Improve delivery and documentation of education provided to eligible patients and carers about:
  • Aphasia
  • Alternate methods of communication
Periodic review of the severity of communication impairment.
Nursing Improve delivery of education to eligible patients and family/carers
Orthoptics Improve documentation and assessment of vision
Medicine Improve documentation and management of:
    • Anxiety and depression for eligible patients
    • Return to work advice for eligible patients
    • Return to driving advice for eligible patients