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Table 3 Participants’ awareness of AEFI reporting protocol or policy in their work setting

From: Healthcare providers’ knowledge, experience and challenges of reporting adverse events following immunisation: a qualitative study

Nurses General practitioners ED consultants
If we see an adverse event, then we do report. We have the forms for reporting. (General Practice nurse) I think I would say that you know the majority that would be 99%, is done by our nurse and would probably only get reported from the nurse I’d have to double-check. I’d have to ask a colleague
I would say there’s one in the policy manual. (General Practice nurse) No I don’t know that there is one here actually. We can just click on forms, adverse events reporting form and just print it out, so that’s what we do.
The forms are in our filing cabinet. But I know you can get it from SAICU and I know it’s on their website. We’re actually in the process of doing a procedure, protocol. (General Practice nurse) I would say there wouldn’t be anything completely formal that we’ve ever discussed at a meeting or anything. I don’t think there’s ever been a formal policy. No. Not answered
Not actually in writing but because I’m the only one here generally, anything that’s out of the normal goes past me anyway. We always keep a copy of them (the adverse event reporting form) at the clinics. (Council immunisation nurse) Not that I’m aware of. There may be, but not sure. I don’t really know because I’ve never had to do it because obviously it’s quite rare.
I do the reporting and advise the doctors that I’ve done that as well. If we do any written documentation it’s always scanned into the notes too. (General Practice nurse) No actually we don’t as far as I know have a policy. Probably we should, but no we don’t. I would have to look at information on our intranet that has information about reporting adverse reactions to vaccines and remind myself how to do it.
It is in our standard operation procedure that we do have that, if an adverse event occurred, it just says fill in a form. (Council immunisation nurse). Well our practice nurse looks after all these things and she would report. I remember looking up a number probably from the Immunisation Handbook.
  No not specifically. There hasn’t been a designated discussion about what we do about these things when they occur. I don’t think so. I’m not familiar with a documented protocol as such.
There’s those blue forms. I’d have to ask one of the other consultants what the procedure was, because I don’t currently know.
Not formal, but we know to report to ADRAC. We’ve got it on our web on our intranet there’s links to it. The numbers there or you make the notification or you just fill it in and send it off.
I’d have to see what the protocol was, but we haven’t had one for so long Reporting would not be protocolised.
We’ve got the blue forms. We fill in the blue forms and send them off.
No, there is no protocol