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Table 2 Interview topic guide

From: Healthcare providers’ knowledge, experience and challenges of reporting adverse events following immunisation: a qualitative study

Theme Guiding question
Experience of an AEFI 1. Could you tell me about an AEFI you have seen during the course of your work?
2. How often have you seen an AEFI in this workplace or during your career?
3. How did you respond to the AEFI?
4. How did the event turn out?
Reporting an AEFI 1. Have you ever reported an AEFI? Why?
2. How have you reported?
3. Was it an easy/difficult process? Could you explain?
4. If you talked to an authority about the event what was the response from the person?
5. If you needed to report an AEFI today how would you do it?
6. What do you think are the main factors that would lead you to report an AEFI?
7. Why would you report an AEFI?
8. What would you not report as an AEFI?
9. What would be your preferred format for reporting? Why?
Workplace 1. Can you tell me about whether AEFI are discussed with your colleagues?
2. Could you describe any policy/protocol for reporting an AEFI in your workplace?
Surveillance 1. Could you describe your understanding of how vaccines are monitored for safety after they are released to the public?
2. Who do you think should be responsible for monitoring vaccine safety in Australia?
3. How do you access communication regarding vaccine safety issues?
4. Is there sufficient information available to you from surveillance authorities or other sources? Explain.
5. In your opinion, who should be responsible for monitoring the ongoing safety of vaccines?
6. What do you think happens after an AEFI report is made?
7. What is your impression of how safety is monitored?
Training 1. Could you tell me about any training you have had in vaccine safety either during your career or as a student?
2. How do you update your knowledge in vaccine safety?
3. What would be an ideal way to update or provide training?
4. Do you think doctors and nurses have sufficient training and knowledge in current vaccine safety issues? Why?