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Table 2 Total hospital charges, and LOS for RTI victims included in INTRD, 2000-2004

From: Factors affecting hospital length of stay and hospital charges associated with road traffic-related injuries in Iran

Total hospital charges (IRR)  
Mean 1,115,819
SD 1,831,647
Median 558,680
Total range 0-46,131,061*
Mean 6.8
SD 8
Median 4
Total range 1-105
Mean 9.7
SD 12
Median 5
Total range 1-75
Mean 14
SD 2.6
Median 15
Total range 3-15
  1. RTI: Road traffic injury, INTRD: Iranian National Trauma Registry.
  2. Database, LOS: length of stay, ISS: Injury Severity Score,
  3. GCS: Glasgow Coma Scale, IRR: Iranian Rials.
  4. (One US Dollar in 2004 was on average equal to 8,719 IRR),
  5. * Patients with 0 charges (74 patients) are patients that their charges.
  6. Were waived by the hospitals by different reasons. These patients.
  7. Were excluded from the univariable and multivariable models.