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Table 3 Item content, dimension structure of the IBHQ and internal consistency reliability of IBHQ-DC and IBHQ-FU – N=368 (IBHQ-DC); N=339 (IBHQ-FU)

From: Development of a questionnaire to assess the impact on parents of their infant’s bronchiolitis hospitalization

Type Factor/Dimension Item # Item content Cronbach’s alpha
Core Worries and distress 7 Worry about infant’s pain 0.86 0.91
Worry about uncertainty
Fear for future 3 Fear about consequences 0.78 0.82
Fear for infant’s life  
Fear of other bronchiolitis  
Guilt 3 Guilt about leaving the infant in hospital 0.61 0.64
Guilt about bronchiolitis  
Impact on daily organization 6 Trouble with organization of household 0.78 0.82
Trouble with organization with family life  
Trouble with meal habits
Trouble with organization of leisure activities
Trouble with sleeping arrangements
Trouble with travel to hospital
Physical impact 4 Sickness 0.70 0.81
Physical tiredness  
Sleeping disorders  
Disturbed appetite  
Impact on behavior with hospitalized infant 3 Increased protection 0.70 0.76
Decreased severity  
Increased carefulness  
Financial impact 4 Decreased income 0.62 0.62
Trouble with work organization  
Increased expenses  
Financial concern  
Optional Disturbed breastfeeding 2 Disturbed breastfeeding 0.84 0.89
Disturbed onset of lactation  
Physical reaction of hospitalized infant 4 Crying 0.86 0.90
Impact on feeding of hospitalized infant 4 Disturbed feeding 0.78 0.75
Loss of appetite  
Weight loss  
Unreactive infant  
Impact on behavior with other children 3 Hiding worry 0.65 0.78
Worry about childcare for other child  
Feeling of taking less care  
Siblings’ reaction 3 Sadness because of the infant’s absence 0.79 0.83
Worry about infant
Sadness because of the parents’ absence