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Table 3 Referral system of cases in clinics and hospitals

From: Factors influencing specialist care referral of multidrug- and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis patients in Gauteng/South Africa: a descriptive questionnaire-based study

  Hospital n/N (%) Clinic n/N (%)
Mode of results delivery to facility Fax 10/11 (91%) Fax 1/29 (3%)
Method used by facility to inform patients about results Home visits 4/11 (36%) Home visits 18/29 (62%)
Method used by facility to inform SH Phone 7/11 (64%) Phone 13/29 (45%)
Method used by facility to send patient to SH Referral letter and escort 4/11 (36%) Referral letter and escort 16/29 (55%)
Follow up of patients by facility after transfer to SH Never 4/11 (36%) Never 4/29 (14%)