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Table 2 Data collection in Phase 3

From: Multidisciplinary teams, and parents, negotiating common ground in shared-care of children with long-term conditions: A mixed methods study

Method used Context of data collection
86 observations of parent/professional interactions • In wards, outpatient departments and families’ homes during planned and ad-hoc interactions
• Verbatim field notes (recording behaviours, context, time, personnel and environment).
41 individual semi-structured interviews with family members and professionals following selected observations • Exploring participants’ views about how parents were supported to deliver home-based clinical care, including the effectiveness of the observed interactions
• Interviews lasted 20 – 65 minutes, were digitally recorded and transcribed verbatim.
Selected case-note reviews • Obtained relevant background information and noted how professionals documented interactions with parents.
Reviews of documents • Used by professionals and parents to support their interactions
• Used by parents to record home-based clinical caring