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Table 3 Delivery and co-ordination of eye care services for a region with 10,000 Indigenous people [[4],[34]]

From: Local co-ordination and case management can enhance Indigenous eye care – a qualitative study

Number requiring glasses examination 640  
Number requiring diabetes eye examination 962  
Number of other eye examinations 98  
Total Optometry examinations 1700 1.0 EFT
Number requiring diabetic laser 112  
Number of cataract surgeries 95  
Number of trichiasis surgeries (not in all regions) 36  
Total Ophthalmology referrals 243 0.3 EFT
Patient liaison (appointments etc.) 3.7  
Patient transport 1.8  
Organising eye clinics 1.3  
Organising hospital 0.1  
Eye clinic support (excludes surgery) 1.5 8.3 EFT
  1. Abbreviation: EFT Equivalent Full Time.