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Table 1 Indicators for spider-gram

From: Assessing participation in a community-based health planning and services programme in Ghana

Indicators Narrow, nothing Restricted, small Mean, fair Open, very good Wide, excellent
  1 2 3 4 5
Needs Assessment Identified or imposed by health experts without community involvement or consultation CHPS services designed by health experts with limited community involvement Community was consulted and involved in assessing their needs Community involvement in needs assessment, and few services resonating with their assessed needs Full community involvement in needs assessment with service package in resonance with their health needs
Leadership Dominant-imposing CHPS committee chairman represents only committee or few elite or rich community members Limited committee role in leadership, few representation of women or few interest groups Few community consultation, involvement in decision-making and represent community interest Good committee leadership role consults community, leadership constitute women representation and all interest groups CHPS committee fully represents diverse interests, Selfless leadership roles, full community involvement in decision-making
Organisation Parallel operation or no collaboration of CHPS with pre-existing community units or local structures Limited collaboration of CHPS with pre-existing community units or structures CHPS cooperates with few community structures Integration and collaboration of CHPS with other community bodies CHPS well and fully integrated and works collaboratively with other community units
Resource Mobilization No community support or resource contribution. Community not involved or consulted in resource allocation Limited amount of resources raised by the community. No community control over mobilised resources utilisation Community raised resources and fully support CHPS with limited role in controlling expenditure Community are resourceful and supports CHPS with mobilised resources. Community involved in resource allocation Full and active community contributions to support CHPS. community fully consulted in resource allocation
Management Managed or induced by service providers (GHS). No community consultation in management decision making CHPS operation overseen by GHS with CHPS committee role CHPS operation overseen solely by the health committee CHPS committee self-managed and involved community and other interest groups (women) in decision making Committee independently managed CHPS with full community consultation and representation