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Table 2 Methods and instruments used within the audit system

From: Effects of auditing patient safety in hospital care: design of a mixed-method evaluation

Audit system Methods Instruments
Measurements Studying policy and quality indicators Online self-assessment tool based on legal, national, and professional practice standards [16]
Semi-structured interviews of health care providers Standardised interview forms [17]
Systematic observations (e.g. physicians’ discussions of complications and patient handovers) Standardised observation forms [17]
Questionnaire about team functioning of healthcare providers Team Climate Inventory [18]
Feedback of audit findings by presentation and report Patient record review to measure adverse events Standardised record review form based on a protocol originally developed by the Harvard Medical Practice Study [19]
Assessment of the quality of medical and nursing patient records Standardised assessment forms [19, 20]
Appraisal of document management (e.g. protocols and procedures) and guideline adherence Standardised assessment forms partly based on the AGREE instrument [21]
Follow-up: revisiting 15 months after the audit to monitor improvements Appraisal and assessment of quality of consultation and collaboration by main internal and external partners Standardised appraisal and assessment questionnaire [22]