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Table 1 Key messages of the whiplash guidelines for allied health professionals

From: Compliance with clinical guidelines for whiplash improved with a targeted implementation strategy: a prospective cohort study

Key message Response consistent with guideline recommendations Measured by
Appropriate assessment and classification of whiplash Classifies whiplash according to the Quebec Task Force (QTF) [20] 4 grade classification system Response to question 2 on the record of clinical practice
Appropriate measure of outcome Uses a validated measure of outcome for whiplash such as the Neck Disability Index or the Patient Specific Functional Scale. Response to question 4 on the record of clinical practice
Identification of those with poor prognosis Identifies predictors of poor prognosis including high initial pain and high initial disability. Response to question 6 on the record of clinical practice
Provides primarily activating treatments Provided active treatment guidelines including exercise and advice Response to question 5 on the record of clinical practice