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Table 1 Overview of process and outcome indicators hip and knee replacements and breast cancer

From: Influences of hospital information systems, indicator data collection and computation on reported Dutch hospital performance indicator scores

National performance indicators
  Total Hip and Knee replacements * S P O
2b % of patients that was administered thrombosis prophylaxis for 6 weeks to 3 months post-surgery, in case of total hip or knee surgery   X  
4b % of patients that did not (2008 & 2009)/ did (2010) receive a homologue blood transfusion, in case of total hip or knee surgery   X  
5b % of patients that was administered antibiotics perioperatively   X  
5c % of patients that was administered antibiotics 15 to 60 min. prior to surgery or to blood emptiness   X  
5d % of patients with a deep wound infection after a total hip or knee replacement    X
  Breast Cancer ** S P O
1 % of patients who were seen by a breast cancer nurse specialist preoperatively   X  
2 % of patients that was reviewed preoperatively in a multi-disciplinary team meeting   X  
3 % of patients with a non-radical primary tumor resection    X
4 % of surgeons in the surgery department that perform surgical treatments of breast tumors X   
5 % of patients that are operated within 4 weeks after the final lab results are known   X  
6a % of patients with local recurrences within 5 years after breast-conserving surgery    X
6b % of patients that have local recurrences within 5 years after ablative breast surgery    X
7 % of patients with a breast tumor that was postoperatively reviewed in a documented multi-disciplinary team meeting X   
  1. * Note: 5 yes/no “Hip/Knee structure indicators” are omitted from the table as they were not included in the current study; ** Indicators 1, 2 and 7 were removed from the indicator set in 2009, 4 in 2011; S structure, P process, O intermediate outcome; The PIs consist of numerators and denominators that each are composed of several variables according to combinatory logic that is described in instruction manuals. See for details of numerators and denominators Additional file 1.