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Table 2 Participants by organization

From: Ontario primary care reform and quality improvement activities: an environmental scan

Organization category Name of organization Participants
Government Ministry of Health and Long Term Care 2
Cancer Care Ontario 1
Quality Improvement and Innovation Partnership 1
Ontario Quality Health Council 1
Professional associations/colleges Registered Nurses Association of Ontario 1
Ontario College of Family Physicians 1
Association of Ontario Health Centres 4
Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario 1
Research organization Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences 1*
Élisabeth Bruyère Research Institute 1
Universities Northern Ontario School of Medicine 1****
Department of Family Medicine; McMaster University 1
Quality in Family Practice; McMaster University 1
Department of Family and Community Medicine; University of Toronto 1
Departments of Family Medicine & Community Health and Epidemiology; Queen’s University 1
Centre for Studies in Primary Care, Queen’s University 1*
Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, Queen’s University 1*
Department of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa 1**
Department of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa 1**
Institute of Population Health, University of Ottawa 1**
Centre for Studies in Family Medicine, Western University 1***
  Total organizations represented = 16 20
  1. *Asterisks represent individuals who work in more than one organization. Different participants are represented by the number of asterisks.