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Table 2 Description of hospital context

From: Investigating the use of patient involvement and patient experience in quality improvement in Norway: rhetoric or reality?

Contextual aspect Site A Site B
Localization District, rural areas Urban, city
Population served 107.000 inhabitants in the county; the city has 11.600. 490.000 inhabitants in the county; the city has 263.000.
Number of hospitals in the trust 3 (1 regional (Site A), 2 local). Health trust owns 11 institutions, whereof Site B is the largest.
Teaching/non-teaching Teaching hospital for nursing students Teaching hospital for medical and nursing students, and other health care professions
Number of beds 300 1100 (related to acute services, not psychiatry)
Number of staff 2.336 employees, 1.988 full-time equivalents in the trust. Site A has 1.541 employees, hereof 179 physicians and 428 nurses 11.000 employees, 7.700 full-time equivalents. Site B has 4.259 nurses and 1.128 physicians
Organizational structure Hierarchical Flat