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Table 1 Data collection activities and data sources

From: Investigating the use of patient involvement and patient experience in quality improvement in Norway: rhetoric or reality?

System level Site A Site B
Meso level Interviews: 18 Interviews: 25
(17 senior managers and one user representative). (23 senior managers, one user representative, one patient ombudsman1)
Observations: 2 hours Observations: 2 hours
Micro level Interviews: 25 Interviews: 16
(Clinical staff and middle managers - Maternity: 14 informants and oncology: 11 informants) (Clinical staff and middle managers - Maternity)
Focus group interview: 1 (3 informants, maternity). Focus group interview: 1 (7 informants, maternity)
Observation: 20 hours (Maternity: 10 hours, Oncology: 10 hours). Observation: 12 hours (Maternity)
QI project Interviews: 7 Interviews: 6
  Observation: 2 hours Observation:7 hours
  1. 1Patient ombudsman is a public body and is not part of the hospital organization.