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Table 1 Correspondence between OPCS procedure delivery codes and maternity taildelmethdelivery codes

From: Evaluating maternity care using national administrative health datasets: How are statistics affected by the quality of data on method of delivery?

OPCS code Delmeth code Method of delivery description
R17 7 Elective caesarean section
R18, R25.1 8 Emergency caesarean section
R19, R20 5, 6 Breech vaginal delivery
R21 2, 3 Forceps delivery
R22 4 Vacuum delivery
R23, R24 0, 1 Cephalic vaginal delivery without instruments
R25.2, R25.8, R25.9 9 Other method of delivery, including destructive operation to facilitate delivery
  1. Both coding systems define elective caesareans as prelabour caesarean sections and emergency caesareans as intrapartum caesarean sections.