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Table 2 Prices quoted for selected RMNH services, research district

From: The human resource implications of improving financial risk protection for mothers and newborns in Zimbabwe

Service Facility type Facility price
FP – 4 cycles of pills Government clinics $0.5
Municipal & RDC health clinics $1
FP – Depo Provera injection Government clinics $1
RDC health clinics $2
Municipal health clinics $3
Booking for pregnancy – ANC etc. Government clinics $5 for registration, routine monthly examinations and monitoring of weight
Rural district council facilities $10 for registration and booking for ANC and $2 for every ANC visit
Municipal health clinic $30 total
Provincial/district hospital $35 total
Ultrasound Provincial/district hospital $25
Normal delivery Municipal health clinic $35
Normal delivery Provincial/district hospital $50 (but with added items which patients have to buy, this is more likely to come to $100)
Caesarean section Provincial/district hospital $450 (simple CS)
$600 (CS plus observation for six days)
Postnatal check-up Provincial/district hospital $10 (then $20 at six weeks)
  1. Source: interviews with informants, research district.