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Table 3 Interview guide

From: Patient and carer experience of obtaining regular prescribed medication for chronic disease in the English National Health Service: a qualitative study

Topic area Prompts
Tell me a little about yourself Your age?
  What occupation you are currently or were previously in?
  Your/the person you care for health problems?
  How long you/the person you care for have had these problems?
  What medications do you/they take?
Tell me about the services you/the person you care for receives Nature and frequency of Health services – primary care, community services, hospital, rehabilitation, pharmacy, other.
  Social services – home care, day centres, other.
  Voluntary services – for example; meals on wheels, day centres.
In your opinion how well do these services work together to coordinate the care? Can you give me some examples?
How often do you have to tell the same information to several services? Can you give me some examples?
How often do the services seem aware of what the others are doing for you/the person you care for? Can you give me some examples?
Is there anything else you would like to tell me about the services you receive?