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Table 2 Factors that facilitated/ hindered use of the G-AP framework

From: Implementing a framework for goal setting in community based stroke rehabilitation: a process evaluation

  Facilitators Inhibitors
Patient factors • Previous experience goal setting • Cognitive impairment e.g. poor insight, executive dysfunction
• Familiarity with the G-AP process • Communication difficulties
• Being in the ‘right frame of mind’ • Complex emotional/ social/ health issues
• Unrealistic expectations
Process factors • Rehabilitation assistant involvement • Individual health professionals’ waiting lists resulting in team members  initiating input at different times
• Goal meetings in the patent’s house • Time pressures leading to incomplete implementation of the process
• Consistent use of G-AP record • Staff absence
• Explaining the G-AP process to patients at the outset
HP factors • Experience of using goal setting • Lack of experience using goal setting
• Experience of post stroke recovery • Lack of experience of post stroke recovery
• Confidence in goal setting abilities • Not habitually using G-AP in routine practice
• Lack of confidence using G-AP
Other   • HP and patient having differing views about priorities and/or what  constitutes improvement
  1. HP Health Professional.