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Table 1 Patients included in the study

From: Implementing a framework for goal setting in community based stroke rehabilitation: a process evaluation

Patient Sex Age Ethnicity Employment pre-CVA Social situation Disability level* Speech difficulty HPs involved
1 M 64 White Scottish Unemployed Lives alone moderate yes PT, OT, SALT
2 F 59 White Scottish Bank clerk Lives with husband moderate no PT, OT
3 M 53 White Scottish Engineer Lives with wife moderate/ severe yes SALT, OT, N, D
4 M 78 White Scottish Retired Lives with wife moderate yes OT, SALT
5 F 43 White Scottish Clerical worker Lives with husband moderate yes SALT, OT, PT
6 M 65 White Scottish Retired Lives with wife moderate no PT, OT
7 M 56 White Scottish Driver Lives alone mild yes SALT, OT, PT
8 F 29 White Scottish Nursing auxiliary Lives with husband mild yes SALT, OT, PT
  1. PT Physiotherapist, OT Occupational Therapist, SALT Speech and Language Therapist, N Nurse, D Dietician, HP Health Professional. * Based on averaging Therapy Outcome Measure scores across Impairment, Activity, Participation, Wellbeing.