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Table 5 Context factors restraining e-Health implementation

From: Implementation factors and their effect on e-Health service adoption in rural communities: a systematic literature review

Category Factor Paper no. Paper perspective
Socioeconomic variables Demographics (high age, female, single, having no children) 11,14,24,48,49,51,53,54,60,62,63,69,83 A,B1,B2,C,E
  Unemployment, low occupation status, low income 24,46,47,49,54,57,60,83 A,B1,C,D,E
  Geographical isolated 9,24,62,63,64 A,B1,B2,C
  Gendered society, caste system 24,49,75 A,B1,C,D,E
Individual resources and capabilities Lack of ICT skills 12,52,59,61,63,64,75,83 A,B1,B2,C,D,E
  Low educated, illiteracy 49,60,75,80,83 A,B1,B2,C,D,E
  Having local ties 51,52,53,66 A,B2,E
  Inadequate physical or mental condition 12,14,22,23,72 A,B1,C,E
Third party Teacher/student hierarchy 75 B1,D,E
  Unwilling third party 24,52,60 A,B1,B2,C
  Available alternatives for receiving services/information 22,23,51 A,B1,C,E