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Table 1 Study sites

From: Introducing peer worker roles into UK mental health service teams: a qualitative analysis of the organisational benefits and challenges

Site Peer Worker role Aim of the service Recruitment approach Terms and conditions Training Ongoing support
London Group co-facilitator (community-based peer support groups for people experiencing personality disorders) To build empowerment; develop coping strategies Informally, as group member Initially, voluntary; subsequently, paid part-time member of Trust staff Eight session training in supporting group therapeutic process Regular formal supervision; ongoing training with staff team
South Wellness Recovery Action Planning® (WRAP®) Trainer for people using mental health services To enhance personal recovery and self-care skills Informally, as completer of WRAP® training Paid part-time member of Trust staff Completion of own WRAP® training (seven sessions); brief initial training Regular formal supervision
North Group co-facilitator (community arts projects for people using mental health services) To support social inclusion Informally, as group member Unpaid volunteer or paid part-time employee of arts organisation Brief initial training Informal one to one support as required