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Table 5 Patients found to have another diagnosis (or an overlap syndrome)

From: The communication of a secondary care diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis to primary care practitioners: a population-based study

Patient Final consultant diagnosis Read code in general practice
1 Ductopenia J638.00 Autoimmune Hepatitis
2 PSC/AIH overlap syndrome J638.00 Autoimmune Hepatitis
J661700 Primary Sclerosis Cholangitis
3 PBC/PSC overlap syndrome J616000 Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
J614.00 Chronic Hepatitis
Free text in clinic letter ?sclerosing cholangitis
4 PBC J616000 Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
5 PBC J616000 Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
J638.00 Autoimmune Hepatitis
6 PBC/AIH overlap syndrome No letter received from GP
7 PSC J661700 Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis