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Table 1 The simplified autoimmune hepatitis criteria [[4]

From: The communication of a secondary care diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis to primary care practitioners: a population-based study

Parameter Cutoff Score
ANA or SMA >=1:40 1
ANA or SMA >=1:80 2
or LKM >=1:40 2
SLA Positive 2
IgG > Upper normal limit 1
>1.1 Upper normal limit 2
Liver Histology Compatible with AIH 1
  Typical of AIH 2
  1. The score of each separate parameters are added to provide a simplified scoring system for the diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis. A score of 6 would be classified as probable AIH, and a score of 7 or more would be definite AIH. A maximum of 2 points will be achieved by addition of all auto-antibodies. For the liver histology, interface hepatitis, lymphocytic/lymphoplamocytic plasma cell infiltrates in portal tracts emperiolysis and hepatic rosette formation were regarded as typical for the diagnosis of AIH. In order to be considered typical, three features had to be present, in order to be classified as compatible, chronic hepatitis with lymphocytic infiltration without all the features considered to be typical were adequate [6]. Abbreviations: ANA (Anti-nuclear autoantibodies), SMA (Smooth muscle autoantibody), LKM (Liver Kidney Microsomal autoantibody) and SLA (Soluble Liver antigen), IgG (Immunoglobulin G).