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Table 4 Main barriers and facilitators for implementing the COPD guideline and measurement instruments

From: Developing a questionnaire to identify perceived barriers for implementing the Dutch physical therapy COPD clinical practice guideline

Barriers (Strongly) Disagree Neither agree nor disagree (Strongly) Agree
Working with the COPD guideline requires a higher fee for service 27% 32% 41%
I cannot try elements to adopt the COPD guideline without much time investmenta 37% 22% 40%
Working with the guideline COPD takes too much time. 35% 27% 37%
General practitioners do not collaborate in adopting the COPD guideline 27% 46% 27%
MI support me in clinical reasoning and decision making 4% 6% 91%
MI provide information beyond my own professional views 4% 5% 91%
MI support my diagnostic process 4% 6% 90%
The COPD guideline allows me to make my own decisions 7% 10% 83%
I have skills to apply the COPD guidelinea 8% 11% 81%
I have knowledge to apply the COPD guidelinea 10% 10% 80%
The COPD guideline allows me to include patient preferences 7% 13% 80%
  1. aPositive/negative phrasing of these items have been reversed for uniform presentation.
  2. MI: Measurement Instruments.