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Table 1 Predisposing, enabling and need determinants of access

From: Access granted! barriers endure: determinants of difficulties accessing specialist care when required in Ontario, Canada

Determinant type Variable Coding
Predisposing Factors Sex Female (Reference) / Male
  Age Under 30 (Ref.) / 30–44 / 45–59 / 60+
  Marital Status No partner (Ref.) / Living with a partner
  Time since immigration Born in Canada (Ref.) / Less than 10 years / More than 10 years
Enabling Factors Education Less than high school (Ref.) / High school / Post-secondary educated
  Income Not low income (Ref.) / Low income
  Family Doctor No (Ref.) / Yes
  Health Region City of Toronto (Ref.) / Urban / Rural
Need Factors Chronic conditions No chronic conditions (Ref.) / 1–3 conditions / 4+ conditions