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Table 2 Implementation evaluation

From: Evaluating the integration of chronic disease prevention and management services into primary health care

Evaluated dimensions Decision-makers Primary care prof. Specia-lists CDPM prof. Patients/family Patient records Project documentation
Pre-intervention stage        
Description of settings (contextual factors) (C) FG FG II FG    
Needs analysis (C) FG FG II FG    
Intervention stage        
Identification of problems and difficulties (C)        Document analysis
Care and services for patients (I) (Intervention fidelity)       Checklist entry  
Post-intervention stage        
Extent of implementation/Services offered (I)     II   Data entry  
Opinion on the implementation process (C) FG FG   FG    
Description of effects on professionals/organizations (E) FG FG   FG    
Care and services for patients (I)     FG FG   
Identification of barriers and facilitating factors (C) FG FG   II    
Satisfaction with intervention (E) FG FG   II FG   
  1. FG: Focus group; II: Individual interview; C: Context; I: Intervention and action mechanisms; E: Effects of the intervention at the patient, practitioner and organizational levels.