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Table 1 Different domains across different quality management systems

From: Defining and improving quality management in Dutch diabetes care groups and outpatient clinics: design of the study

A framework to guide QI in chronic care. CCM aims to create a productive interaction between an informed, activated patient and a prepared, proactive practice team. The aim of HKZ is harmonisation of quality assessment in healthcare and wellbeing. To improve competitiveness in healthcare QI by creating awareness of the importance of QI, recognition of accomplishments and information transfer A European model which supports organisations to self-assess and reflect its level of organization in order to improve its organization. A model based on EFQM to support profit and non-profit organizations to get to excellent achievements A measuring instrument for evaluation of quality systems A quality management model developed for integrated care.
HKZ is based on ISO 9001
• community resources • improvement • leadership 5 boxes for enablers: 5 organisational dimensions: 5 focal areas for QI activities: 9 clusters:
• health care organisation • focus on client perspective • Information and analysis • leadership • leadership • quality assurance documents • patient-centeredness
• self-management support • client safety • strategic quality planning • people • strategy and policy • involvement of patients • delivery system
• decision support • professional behaviour • human resource development and management • policy& strategy • management of employees • process control based on standards • performance management
• delivery system design • care chain quality • management of process quality • partnership& resources • management of resources • human resources management • quality care
• clinical information system • ISO-compatibility • quality and operational results • processes • management of processes • process improvement based on QI procedures • result-focused learning
• customer focus and satisfaction 4 boxes for results: 4 result dimensions: • interprofessional teamwork
• people results • clients and partners • roles and tasks
• customer results • personnel • commitment
• society results • community • transparent entrepreneurship
• key performance results • management and financiers
  1. CCM: Chronic Care Model; HKZ: Harmonisatie Kwaliteitsbeoordeling in de Zorgsector (Harmonisation Quality Assessment in Health Care); MBQA: The Malcolm Baldrige USA National Quality Award; EFQM: The European Foundation for Quality Management; INK: Instituut Nederlandse Kwaliteit (Institute for Dutch Quality); QSMH: Quality and Safety Management in Hospitals; DMIC: The Developmental Model for Integrated Care; QI: Quality improvement.