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Table 1 Options for the different health recommendation system domains

From: Consumers’ intention to use health recommendation systems to receive personalized nutrition advice

Options Domain Options Domain
Recommendation content Information system Input delivery Intermediary
• At ingredient level   • Through fitness club  
• At food product group level   • Trough general practitioner  
• Special branded products   • Through hospital
Recommendation production Information system Output delivery Intermediary
• By commercial food company   • Through email  
• By insurance company   • Through fitness club  
By government nutrition center   • Through general practitioner  
Data handling Information system Information sharing Consumer activity
• Fully anonymous   • Blood composition  
• Shared between patient and GP   • Dna/genetic makeup  
• Available to commercial food companies   • Food consumption habits  
Feedback provision Information system Implementation Consumer activity
• No feedback for verification   • Incorporated in usual meals  
• Option of feedback for verification   • Specific products added to regular meal  
• Obligatory feedback for verification   • Requiring preparation of individually adjusted meals