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Table 1 Participant characteristics, N=36

From: “One of those areas that people avoid” a qualitative study of implementation in miscarriage management

 Resident 10
 Faculty 12
 Clinical support staff (e.g. MA, RN) 8
 Administrative support staff (e.g. clinical manager, scheduler) 6
Site champions (MD or support staff) 7
Female gender 27
White, non-Hispanic race/ethnicity (n = 5 missing) 26
At a site that implemented MVA services by the time of interviews (n=6 sites) 28
At a site that was selected for follow-up training following this study (n=2 sites) 17
At a site that provides induced abortion services (n=2 sites) 5
At a site that provides any induced abortion training (including off-site opt-in training; n=3 sites) 8