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Table 1 The intervention

From: Improving the quality of palliative and terminal care in the hospital by a network of palliative care nurse champions: the study protocol of the PalTeC-H project

Phase Activities Method
Preparation Ward selection Registration multidisciplinary consultation team
   Literature review
   Consent of 7 ward managers
  Organization Selection of 14 palliative care nurse champions
   Appointment of a coordinator
   Development and planning network and education programme
Introduction and follow-up Composition network Contact coordinator, ward manager and nurse champions on intervention wards
  Meetings Every month 90 minutes (9 meetings per year)
  Education Targeted education programme 2 days yearly and at every network meeting
  Mission/champions’ activities Dissemination of knowledge (lessons, bedside teaching, being a resource)
   Planned activities on each ward
   Promotion of consulting multidisciplinary consultation team on pain and palliative care
   Implementation of problem based care pathways or protocols on wards
   Acting as a role model
  Support Coaching nurse champions in plans and activities
   Information in organizational journal, information in newsletters
   Discuss compliance with unit managers