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Table 1 Emergency obstetric care indicators, questions and acceptable levels

From: Existence and functionality of emergency obstetric care services at district level in Kenya: theoretical coverage versus reality

Indicator Recommended level
Do the services exist and function?
1. Availability of EmOC: basic and comprehensive facilities At least five EmOC facilities (including at least one comprehensive) per 500,000 population
Are the services geographically and equitably distributed?
2. Geographical distribution of EmOC facilities Equitably distributed in an area
Are the services being used by pregnant women?
3. Proportion of all births in EmOC facilities Recommended level set locally
Are the services being used by women with complications?
4. Met need for EmOC services 100%
Do they provide critical life saving services?
5. Caesarean section as a proportion of all births 5-15%
Do they provide good quality care?
6. Direct obstetric case fatality rate <1%
7. Intrapartum and very early neonatal death rate To be set
8. Proportion of maternal deaths due to indirect causes None set
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