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Table 4 Results of the thematic analysis in terms of categories and themes generated

From: Engaging primary care practitioners in quality improvement: making explicit the program theory of an interprofessional education intervention

Research question Themes Categories
According to you, what were the objectives of this workshop? Adopting a regional perspective Examining practices at a regional level
Having a regional perspective of patient management
Having a regional vision
Reflecting Reflecting on our own practice
Reflecting on ways by which we can improve our practice
Understanding how we manage our case load
Allowing us to reflect on quality of care improvement
Reflecting on follow-up of patients
Analyzing the global situation
Recognizing our strengths and weaknesses
Recognizing gaps between practice and guidelines Comparing practice with clinical guidelines
Comparing with good practices
Recognizing gaps between practices and
Recognizing the relevance of performance feedback
Collaborating Working in interdisciplinary
Working in collaboration
Having a better vision of each other roles
Being more aware of what other professionals are doing
Changing our view of collaboration
Recognizing complementarities between professionals
Facilitating networking
Knowing what is done elsewhere in order to improve our practice
Identifying possible practice improvements Identifying one aspect of practice we wish to improve
Identifying possible ways to improve practice
Offering better care
Providing more homogenous and standardized chronic disease care in the region
Improving treatment adherence
Developing clinical tools