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Table 3 List of indicators included in the feedback intervention

From: Engaging primary care practitioners in quality improvement: making explicit the program theory of an interprofessional education intervention

Diabetic patients’ profile Prescription profile Health service use profile
Number of diagnosed patients Number of patients who are prescribed Number of patients with an appointed family physician
Age  – anti-diabetic medication Number of times patients consulted
Chronic disease score  – hypolipemic medication  – another GP
Frequency of diabetes complications  – anti-hypertensive  – cardiologist
 – heart and vascular diseases  – medication  – internal medicine
 – retinopathy  – AAS  – nephrologist
 – kidney failure  – anti-diabetic medication  – eye specialist
  Adherence to medication regimen (valid prescription after 12 months and interruption of less than 14 days)  – community nurse
   – community nutritionist
Frequency of GP visits
Frequency of visits to a specialist
Frequency of emergency visits
Frequency of hospitalizations