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Table 1 Values of key model parameters in the baseline analysis

From: Treating childhood pneumonia in hard-to-reach areas: A model-based comparison of mobile clinics and community-based care

Parameter   Scenario   Distribution Source
  No treatment Mobile clinic Community Health Worker   
Incidence of pneumonia
(episodes per child per year)
0.7 0.7 0.7 Beta Rudan et al. [30]
Care-seeking behaviour n/a Median duration before care sought = 3 days, Cumulative probability of seeking care = 90% Lognormal Kallander et al [26]
Sodemann et al [45]
Probability that treatment is available on any given day 0% 100% on day of weekly visit,
0% on other days
100% n/a Assumption of the model
Probability of correct diagnosis and prescription n/a 90% 80% Beta Kallander et al [27]
Dawson et al [12]
Lim et al [42]
Probability of adherence to treatment n/a 80% Beta Checchi et al [41]
Probability that treatment for non-severe pneumonia is efficacious n/a 95% Beta Hazir et al [13]
Lim et al [42]
Probability that treatment for severe pneumonia is efficacious n/a 90% 80% Beta Kabra et al [14]
Lim et al [42]
Zaman et al [46]
Johnson et al [47]
Hazir et al [13]
Banajeh et al [48]