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Table 1 Scorecard: Identification of Seniors At Risk - Primary Care (ISAR-PC)

From: Comprehensive geriatric assessment, multifactorial interventions and nurse-led care coordination to prevent functional decline in community-dwelling older persons: protocol of a cluster randomized trial

1. Did you need assistance for IADL on a regular basis in the last month
(e.g., assistance in housekeeping, preparing meals, shopping)?
No 0.0
  Yes 2.5
2. Did you need assistance for ADL in the last 24 hours
(e.g., dressing, going to the toilet)?
No 0.0
  Yes 2.0
3. Do you regularly have memory problems? No 0.0
  Yes 2.0
4. Your age is: 74 year or younger 0.0
  Between 75 en 84 year 85 1.5
  year and older 3.0
Total score   ...
  1. Total score 0 or 1: Not at risk
  2. Total score ≥ 2: Patient at risk for functional decline
  3. Maximum score: 9.5 points