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Table 2 Challenges to self-management in the home environment

From: "This does my head in". Ethnographic study of self-management by people with diabetes

Feature Potential impact on self-management
Presence of sweets, sugared drinks and other health-negative foods, perhaps supplied by relatives as "gifts" Difficulty following diabetes diet
Cramped housing No dedicated place to keep diabetes monitoring equipment
Multiple occupants in the home, sometimes from several generations Psychosocial stress from limited privacy and intergenerational conflict, with [perceived] impact on blood glucose control, blood pressure and lifestyle choices e.g. alcohol, smoking
Social problems within family (e.g. family member involved in drugs or crime; unemployment; domestic strife) Psychosocial stress as above; family members less able to support the person with diabetes
Computer not working More difficult to access health information and advice
Financial pressures Food choices made primarily on the grounds of cost rather than nutritional value
Conflict with neighbours e.g. noise through walls Psychosocial stress as above
Crime or fear of crime Reluctance to exercise outside the home