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Table 3 Collected data

From: Evaluation of primary care midwifery in the Netherlands: design and rationale of a dynamic cohort study (DELIVER)

Level Measure Subjects Number of participants (%)
Client Questionnaires (max 3) All clients in 20 participating practices (during one year) 7685 (53%*)
  Netherlands Perinatal Registry All clients that completed at least one questionnaire 5913 (77%)
  Electronic client records All clients that completed at least one questionnaire 5895 (77%)
  Video recordings Midwives + clients during first consult 310 clients/23 midwives/6 practices
  Focus groups Partners of clients 30
Midwife Questionnaire All midwives in 20 participating practices 99 (92%)
  Diary of work-related activities (one week) All midwives + practice assistants in 20 participating practices 136 (100%)
Practice Questionnaire All 521 midwifery practices in the Netherlands 319 (61%)
Other Interviews Other maternity care providers (clinical midwives, gynaecologists, general practitioners, maternity care assistants, paediatricians, ambulance personnel, and O&G nurses) 21
  1. * If women with an abortion, a miscarriage or intra uterine death were excluded from the denominator, the netto response rate would be estimated to be 62%