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Table 2 Validated measurements used in client questionnaires

From: Evaluation of primary care midwifery in the Netherlands: design and rationale of a dynamic cohort study (DELIVER)

Measurement Goal Content Client questionnaire*
Bologna score [8] To determine whether the intrapartum care in case of a normal birth was according to the best evidence. 5 items:
- presence of partner or friend during labour
- use of a partogram (measure progression objectively)
- absence of interventions
- labour not in supine position
- skin-to-skin contact between mother and child for at least 30 minutes during first hour postpartum
Dutch consumer quality index (CQI) treatment score [9] To measure the actual experience of clients with structure and process aspects of health care, as well as the importance clients attach to each aspect. 6 items:
- Does your midwife treat you with respect?
- Do you feel that your midwife listens to you?
- Does your midwife devote enough time to you?
- Do you feel that your midwife takes you seriously?
- Does your midwife explain things to you in a way that is easy for you to understand?
- Do you feel you are in good hands with your midwife?
(options: never/sometimes/usually/always)
Q2 + Q3
Labour Agentry Scale [10] To measure personal control during childbirth (separately during first and second stage of labour). 10 items (shortened version):
- I was tense
- I felt important
- I felt confident
- I felt I was in control of myself
- I was scared
- I was relaxed
- I felt I was doing a good job
- I felt helpless
- I felt powerless
- I felt I was surrounded by people who cared for me
- I felt a failure
(options: The whole time or nearly the whole time/About three quarters of the time/Just over half the time/About half the time/Just under half the time/About a quarter of the time/Not or hardly at all)
EuroQol questionnaire [11] To measure health-related quality of life, categorized by mobility, self-care, main activity, social relationships, pain and mood. 6 dimensions:
- Mobility
- Self-care
- Main activity (eg work, study, housework)
- Social relationships (pursue family and leisure activities)
- Pain
- Mood (anxious or depressed)
Q1 + Q2 + Q3
Visual Analogue Scale [12] To measure pain 10 cm visual analogue scale, from 'no pain' to 'worst pain imaginable' Q2 + Q3
  1. * Q1: 1st questionnaire, before 35 weeks gestation; Q2: 2nd questionnaire, after 35 weeks gestation; Q3: 3rd questionnaire, postpartum