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Table 2 IPV-Specific Strategies by DVSA Stage

From: Development of a nurse home visitation intervention for intimate partner violence

Stage of change re: IPV Strategies endorsed by NFP clients
1. Committed to continuing the
  • asks about safety
  • provides information about healthy relationships
  • provides information on local community resources
2. Committed to, but questioning, the
Nurse provides information about:
  • the health and social impacts of IPV on women and
  • the cycle of abuse
  • strategies for responding to abuse
  • community resources and processes for accessing
3. Views herself as abused and begins
to consider her options
  • helps woman explore the strengths and limitations of
  their relationships
  • provides options for addressing IPV
  • helps woman engage in safety planning
4. Breaking away Nurse:
  • continues to focus on safety planning
  • helps woman access resources and navigate the system
  • "encourage and support" rather than "push"
5. Establishing a new life Nurse:
  • continues to provide tailored support to help women stabilize and maintain their situation
  • facilitates access to formal and informal social supports