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Table 1 Characteristics of Beta and the dataset

From: We are bitter, but we are better off: case study of the implementation of an electronic health record system into a mental health hospital in England

EHR application Hospital characteristics Time of data collection & dataset
RiO version 5.0; Large; May 2009-November 2010;
Software developer: Multisite; 48 face to face interviews:
CSE Healthcare Systems Teaching; 6 Senior manager and members of the Board
( Foundation (i.e. more autonomous); covering over 500,000 people; with an annual turnover in excess of of £130m 14 Implementation team and IT managers,
   20 Healthcare practitioners: 2 inpatient nurse,
   7 community nurse, 5 psychiatric consultants & 1 junior doctor, 1 pharmacists, 3 social worker,
   1 occupational therapist, 2 Administration staff,
   4 NPfIT, 1 BT, 1 External IM & T consultant.
   65 categories of hospital documents from various types; and
   26 hours on-site observation