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Table 1 Categories and factors causing job satisfaction and dissatisfaction

From: Stigma, an important source of dissatisfaction of health workers in HIV response in Vietnam: a qualitative study

Categories Factors causing job satisfaction (+) and dissatisfaction (−)
Pay (−) Unsatisfactory salaries
(−) Limited opportunities for additional income generation
(−) Difference in pay between payroll and project staff
Promotion (+) Recognition leading to promotion
(−) Job insecurity in project staff
Supervision (−) Inadequate supervision measures
(−) Lack of understanding of supervisory tools
(−) Lack of positive feedback from supervisors
(−) Rewards tied to annual appraisal: weak, poorly implemented
Fringe benefits (+) Adequate number of training opportunities
(−) Uneven distribution of training opportunities
(−) Uneven distribution of benefits
(−) Disincentives
Contingent rewards (+) Recognition in society
(+) Intrinsic motivation
(+) Meaningful tasks
Operating procedures (−) Personnel policies: excluding some categories of staff, not enough transparency
Nature of work (+) Many job opportunities
(−) Uneven distribution of job opportunities
(−) Increasing workload
(−) Risk of being infected through contact with PLHIV
(−) Work-related stress
Communication (−) Outdated, inefficient ways of communication
(−) Low capacity in IT for communication
Stigma (−) Attitudes towards key populations at risk in society
(−) Stigmatization of PLHIV
(−) Stigmatization of profession because of association with PLHIV