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Table 1 Mean number of contacts and unit costs in Euros for the year 2003.

From: Outpatient costs in pharmaceutically treated diabetes patients with and without a diagnosis of depression in a Dutch primary care setting

  Number of contacts Unit cost (€, 2003)
Contacts with the GP   
   Consultation* -- 20.20a
   Consultation, long duration* -- 40.40a
   Home visit* -- 40.40a
   Home visit, long duration* -- 80.80a
   Telephone contact* -- 10.10a
   Repeat prescription* -- 10.10a
Physiotherapy†‡ 11.0 or 13.1 22.75a
Dietician 5.0 14.07b
Mental health care   
   Social worker 7.5 47.86c
   Psychologist 13.0 76.00a
   Psychiatrist 13.0§ 76.00a
   Psychotherapist 13.0§ 76.00a
   Regional institute for mental 16.0 124.00a
Outpatient clinic|| 4.1 56.00a
Medication -- dependent on drug & dose
  1. * exact number of contacts available from the medical record system
  2. estimated number of sessions per referral
  3. depending on type of insurance (private or public insurance)
  4. § assumed to be the same as for a psychologist
  5. ||estimated number of sessions per patient per year
  6. a Dutch standard cost [21, 22]
  7. b mean price obtained from professionals
  8. c price according to professional organisation