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Table 2 Triggers

From: Design of a prospective cohort study to assess ethnic inequalities in patient safety in hospital care using mixed methods

1 Unplanned admission before index admission (admission reasons are related to the index admission)
2 Unplanned readmission after discharge
3 Hospital-incurred patient injury (Permanent or temporary injury obtained (acquired) during index admission)
4 Adverse drug reaction
5 Unplanned transfer from general care to (an) intensive care (unit)
6 Unplanned transfer to another acute care hospital (after unexpected deterioration of the patient)
7 Unplanned return to the operating room
8 Unplanned removal, injury, or repair of organ during surgery
9 Hospital-acquired infection or sepsis (initiated >72 hours after admission)
10 Other patient complication
11 Development of neurological deficit not present on admission
12 Unexpected death
13 Cardiac or respiratory arrest
14 Inappropriate discharge to home
15 Dissatisfaction with care documented in the medical record
16 Any other undesirable outcome not covered above